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Dharma Sunflower Oil, Wheat Flour, And Sugar Production Project

Dharma Sunflower Oil, Wheat Flour, And Sugar Production Project

Dharma is one of the biggest partners in the International Trade sector in Turkey and knows everything that has to do with trade. As part of her vision to offer premium services to their clients at very affordable prices, Dharma is launching its own brand of Sunflower Oil, Wheat Flour, and Sugar. 

These products are part of the basic needs of every household and thus play an important role in our everyday lives. Dharma whose mission is to ensure quality, reliability and accuracy in its services as well as her vision of contributing to the building of a sustainable future for its clients in particular and Africa in general, has decided to take this first step in her grand plan.

 This decision was reached after the board members had a couple of meetings. This is just the first step among many projects that will soon be unveiled. Stay tuned for more!