According to the news outlet EcoMatin, the Ministry of Commerce submitted to the hierarchy Dharma‘s proposal to supply the Cameroonian market with Turkish wheat flour. This comes after a series of meetings that were held between us Dharma Group and the Cameroonian government.

According to Investir Au Cameroon,

In a statement issued on 19 January, the Bakers’ Union said negotiations were continuing with the public authorities, millers and consumer rights associations. And that pending the end of the said negotiations, “no increase is allowed on the prices of flour and bread throughout the national territory”.  But it is worth noting that in the market, even if the price of bread has not increased, its weight at a glance has decreased. The millers for their part declare that the production cost of the 50 kg bag of flour to increase by 2000 FCFA from 4500 to 6500 FCFA between the first quarters of 2021 to date.”

Dharma has been in negotiations with the Cameroonian government and some top businessmen in Cameroon over the past year. During this period, we have visited Cameroon twice and had several workshops there. These meetings were led by Dharma Group’s CEO. As a result, we are very certain that with our proposed plans and solution, we will provide a permanent solution to this flour problem in Cameroon.