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Providing Value To Our Clients Through Reliable, Affordable, Accurate & Innovation Business Solutions.

DHARMA GROUP has one of the most dynamic and established experiences in the international trading sector. We constantly advise and represent domestic and foreign customers in various international trade matters, especially construction materials procurement, customs regulations, and other tariff and non-tariff barriers, import and export control, 7/24 supporting services. Our company has developed various projects to this day and has provided financing support to some of them through foreign private investors and various funds.


  • Our vibrant & hardworking team is always available to provide with the best services & support throughout the project. We provide you just the solution you need.


  • Reliability is at the core of all that we do. At Dharma you can rely on us to provide you with all your needs. Our lines are open 24/7 and are always eager to serve you.


  • We don't only accompany you through affordable deals but we also assist you with all your financial needs that will permit you to realise all your projects.


  • Innovation and Creativity is part of everything we do. Our team is made of young, vibrant and innovative professionals who know everyting about the industry.

Dharma Group, Leading A Sustainable, Innovative & Reliable World.

Procurement Process Management!

Dharma is a leader in the management of the procurement process of project works in the Health, Construction, Energy, Mining, Contracting, sectors; turnkey buildings, residences, hotels, hospitals, exterior and interior applications, electiricty, solar energy, sewerage and water systems, roads and infrastructure.

Reliability And Performance

We carry high performance and absolute confidence.

Honesty And Transparency

We manage all stages with honesty and transparency.


We have the same dedication and strength in all our projects.

Just In Time Delivery

Thanks to our strong organization, we finish your projects on time.

Customer Satisfaction

We are gaining happy customers around the world.

Solution Partner

We solve the most difficult parts of your projects in the easiest way.

Dharma ICUMSA 45 Sugar

Each sugar type (Raw Sugar, VHP Sugar, White Sugar, and Crystal Sugar) has a different ICUMSA rating. Our main product is the Icumsa45 and for special requests, we are able to provide Icumsa 600, Icumsa 800, and Icumsa 1200. Besides the high quality of our products we combine technology and optimize the process to be ensured more reliability in its results. To meet continuous demand we manage shipments through our warehouse in Brazil and Turkey.

Shaping The Future Of Construction!

Today, our company is one of the best and most trusted Construction solutions provider in Turkey & the MEA. Our team of highly trained Engineers and supply chain industry experience enables us to provide in-depth project study, evaluation, management, and realisation with timely delivery.

Our Services

Dharma has one of the most dynamic and established experiences in international trade area.

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With DHARMA' worldwide partnership network, our practice extends across the globe and provides a range of services that help address the challenges of today's ever- changing business.

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